My 1 Month Review of Tailwind App!

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My 1 Month Review of Tailwind!

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

My 1 Month Review of Tailwind!

I’ve read many income reports and one of the things that remained consistent was the use of an auto-scheduler for pins. I decided to try to the most recommended one: Tailwind AppĀ 

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Tailwind App allows you to start a 30 day Free Trial and schedule up to 100 pins (whichever you reach first- 100 pins or 30 days- )without any commitment. That’s the route I took. I used all of my 100 pins and finished my trial.

Here is what I think.

Tailwind App is fabulous!

I enjoy manually pinning every once in a while but since I want to take this blogging gig seriously as a business, I need to be wise with my time. I was able to spend a couple hours every week scheduling pins for as far out as I wanted.

I could also manually change the times that they were pinned to Pinterest or use Tailwind’s Smart Pin feature. The Smart Pin feature calculates the prime time to pin your pins for getting your content out there!

Tailwind App also has something called Tailwind Tribes. It is similar to Pinterest groups in which you share your content with other bloggers and they pin it for you. In return, you pin or schedule their content to be pinned. It’s a win-win situation. Everyone’s content is being shared and getting more views.

Plus, Tailwind has a tool to help you find hashtags!

Tailwind's Instagram Hashtag Finder Tool
So it has great features, that’s great-but did one month make a difference?


I started my Tailwind Free Trial with 30k average monthly views on Pinterest and 1800 Pinterest followers.

I ended my Tailwind Free Trial with 64,745 average monthly views on Pinterest and 1825 Pinterest followers.

Then I started my Tailwind Premium. Here is the results after 1 month of using premium!

105,161 Pinterest Average Monthly Views

1912 Pinterest Followers

I really have nothing bad to say about this business tool. It has helped me tremendously increase my traffic and followers plus pin all my content.

Make sure you try out the free trial for Tailwind by Clicking Here for your Tailwind Free Trial


What is your favorite blogging tool? Do you prefer pinning manual or scheduling your pins?

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