5 Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog


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  • No experience or computer knowledge needed. 

I seriously am the least “techy”  person out there. I’ve done a lot of reading and a lot of research to help me get started with the basics of blogging. I’ve spent the last two days talking with customer service on how to verify a website. I know it comes easy for some, but not for me! I’m here to tell you though, if I can do it, so can you!

  • Start up Costs are minimal

There are two different routes you can take with this. If you know that you will monetize your blog later down the road, then go ahead and purchase your domain and hosting. You can get a domain between $3-$12 just starting out. For hosting, you can start out by paying for a few months for less than $40. Very small amount compared to the start up costs of most businesses.

If you just want to blog as a hobby, there are many free websites such as Blogger.com or Weebly.com.

  • Flexibility & Freedom 

This is your project or your hobby, so you move at the pace that suits you. I’d like to really focus on building content for my blog but if something comes up then that’s okay too. There is no competition and no race to complete anything. The other awesome aspect about blogging is that you can take it anywhere you have an internet connection. Since we are full-time RVers, this has been absolutely wonderful!

  • You can monetize it and work your way up to a full-time income!

Turn your passion into a money-making business! Many bloggers start out blogging about recipes or tips for making your own furniture. Their passion for sharing helpful tips increases their website traffic. They will get requests for paid sponsored posts and maybe decide to place ads on their websites. Maybe someone suggested they should write an ebook on their subject. All of this, is monetizing. This is how bloggers make their money and the income is truly unlimited! A full-time income you can make from anywhere with internet!

  • Not only can you help someone else with your knowledge but doors and opportunities will open for you

This should always be on your mind when you are blogging or looking for a niche to blog in; what do I have knowledge of that can help others? Many people seek out websites to help them with a problem , so be the solution! Do you have an expertise that you can share with people? Crochet designs, how to make authentic polish food, personal finance and budgeting, etc. All of these can help people daily.

Keep these in mind and you will be successful in your endeavors. 🙂

What kind of blog would you like to start?

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