5 Shitty Things About RV Living

5 Shitty Things About RV Living

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5 Shitty Things About RV Living

We’ve been RVing on and off most of my life. When I was younger, my father traveled a LOT, so we lived in an RV at different job sites.

Currently, we are living in an RV as a way to pay down debt and save up money. With RVing full-time comes a few frustrations. All these can be handled and you can also prepare your RV for most of them.

1. Condensation

This has been a big one this winter! Any cooking we do in the RV or any showers we take cause our windows and walls to get pretty wet. Although we haven’t completely rid all of the condensation, here are a few things that we have done to help tremendously.

  1. Cover all your cooking pots and pans to reduce steam. Open or crack a window while cooking if the weather permits.
  2. Cover and insulate your windows.
  3. Keep a fan on for circulation
  4. Shower at the campground bath house when you can

2. Weight

This isn’t really an issue if you go into it knowing that you are limited on what you can pack into your RV. If you are doing any renovations then you need to keep in mind the weight of your materials too. Weight is a big issue if you will be actively moving around. If you have no plans to move your RV and will be creating a permanent residence with it, then you don’t need to worry about this.

Here are some ideas for making sure you don’t go over on weight in your RV.

  1. Sell what you don’t need!
  2. If you can’t sell it, then store it.
  3. Donate items if you can’t sell or store them
  4. Know the weight of your RV prior to stocking it for trips
  5. Utilize weight scales (we used these a lot when we were active duty) Public Scales Locator

3. Maintenance

Keeping up with the maintenance of your RV is very important. I am telling you though, there are some things you can’t avoid just like home owners. In the event of an emergency or the event that you are unable to stay in your RV, here are some tips.

  1. Make sure you have a savings for maintenance repairs on your RV
  2. Make sure you have a plan of where you will stay if you can’t stay in your RV.
  3. A savings for lodging elsewhere is a good idea too
  4. Keep tools accessible for repairs (RV storage or locked in your vehicle).

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4. Space

This is what most people worry about. It really isn’t that bad once you have everything organized and put where you want it.

  1. Make sure everyone has their own storage
  2. Make sure everyone has their own bed
  3. Utilize cabinet doors for overhang storage
  4. If you don’t absolutely need it or will be using it, then don’t put it in the RV

5. Weather

Most people store their RVs during the winter, but then there are the full-time RVers like us. We are in our RV all 4 seasons and during really rough weather. Here are some tips to make it through all that yuckiness!

  • During the winter season be sure to:
  • skirt your RV
  • insulate and warm your water hose with electric hose heater,
  • seal any cracks or weak spots in the RV
  • insulate your windows.
  • Some people place heaters under their RV to keep their tanks from freezing
  • During the wet/rainy season:
  • Make sure the RV is sealed and there won’t be any leaks (we had leaks in our roof one time-no fun!)

*Don’t travel during severe inclement weather if you can avoid it. Pull over and let the weather pass before traveling again.*


Most of these you can handle with ease and it won’t keep me from being a full-time RVer!

Have you had any bad experiences while RVing? How did you handle it?

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