7 Tips For Beginner Bloggers


7 Tips For Beginner Bloggers

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7 Tips For Beginner Bloggers

 1. Don’t Stress About Numbers

I always saw other blogger’s stats and thought, “When I get to those numbers, I should be making the same amount.” That’s not the case. A lot of bloggers implement different things with their blog. It can cause them to have different results than us. It’s not a bad thing but you definitely don’t want to compare your numbers to theirs!

It is very nice to see numbers and to see your stats growing, but even when there is progress, numbers may not show it. It takes time for things to get rolling with blogging, so don’t worry!


2. Don’t Overwhelm Yourself- Pace Yourself

I read a lot of other blogging posts and I was quick to get started. I don’t know why I thought I was in a race to put out a lot of content and establish my blog. I was such a go-getter that I actually got myself sick. I am my big biggest competitor and critic. When I wasn’t meeting the crazy goals I set for myself then I was getting overwhelmed. I worked on my blog everyday for hours. It shouldn’t be that way at all. There needs to be some sort of balance.

You know what? Other than creating a bunch of content and getting my blog in order, it didn’t make that much of a difference. It takes time for blog posts to gain traction and it takes time for your blog to gain traffic.

Now I spend 2-3 days a week creating content and working on blog.  Create a schedule and work at a pace that doesn’t overwhelm you.

3. Create Quality Over Quantity Content

This is so important! You want your readers to benefit from the time they spent on your blog. This happens by creating quality content. Put in the work and do the research for the post.

I’ve been to a blog post that literally was like 8 sentences and didn’t answer my question. It was a waste of my time and I never went back to that blog. It made a lasting impression.

Create vibrant Pinterest worthy pins and make sure your blog post solves a problem or is a solution to a question.

I am not very creative but there are many websites that have free stock images or Pinterest approved templates to get you started!




These are a couple that I use and enjoy! (I’m not affiliated, just enjoy them)


4. Connect With Other Bloggers And Blogging Communities

The blogging community has really treated me great! There are bloggers from all walks of life and different niches. Everyone has been super supportive with each other and helping each other build their blogging business.

I’ve joined several Facebook Groups and Tailwind Tribes. This has helped my blogging journey to grow in numbers and knowledge!

I highly suggest finding Facebook groups to join ! ( You can do this for free!)

Unless you are a premium member, you don’t have access to Tailwind Tribes. You can try out Tailwind for free by clicking on the banner provided! You won’t be disappointed! It has made my Pinterest game unreal!

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

5. Learn From Other Bloggers

This is what has got me where I am at today. I’ve read so many other blogger’s journeys and posts.

I’ve implemented their suggestions and tried things that were suggested. These posts have been educational for me and beneficial! I love reading Blogging Income Reports because a lot of bloggers will write what worked and what didn’t for each month. They provide the stats and income to show the results.

This has helped me figure out how I wanted to start my blog and which direction I wanted to go with it. It has inspired me so much, I even started my own Blogging Income Report. I promise you it isn’t impressive but at least I will be able to look back on it and see my progress.

Check out my first Blogging Income Report here: October 2017 Blogging Income Report

6. It Will Take Time

This has been a tough one for me. I want instant results for the amount of time and energy I put into my blog. It just isn’t going to happen that way. Most bloggers that I follow and that have shared their journey, say that it takes a few months for your posts to circulate.

You have to think of it as making a snowball. You keep packing snow (content) onto your snowball (blog). When it gets big enough, you can roll it down a hill and it will increase on it’s own. The snowball effect. Once it gains traction, it will take off.  Just keep packing that snow and give it time to grow!

7. We’ve All Been A Beginner

I started out with ZERO knowledge on blogging. I have made crucial mistakes. Check out one of them on this post: My Big OOPSIE With Blogging

But I keep pressing forward! I learn from my mistakes. I learn from other blogger’s mistakes. I take advice and I apply it. If something doesn’t work then I try something else. Everyone has to start somewhere and wherever you are starting at the time you are reading this, someone else has also been in your place. Don’t give up, find your passion and help others. This is what I tell myself all the time and it drives me to keep pushing forward.

I am still very much a beginner at blogging. I learn something new all the time. As long as I keep learning, I’ll keep sharing what I’ve learned to help others in the same journey!

How long have you been blogging?


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