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I chose to blog about RVing because I am truly passionate about it. Not everyone is interested in that though. So I also blog about things that are related to RVing but can apply to those that don’t live in an RV.

I still get to write about what I love, but I can help others in the process. Here are 8 popular niches that can give you an idea of where to start!

  • Finance & Budgeting

This niche is popular year around. Everyone could use some budgeting or money-saving tips to keep their household in check. I am always searching for budgeting ideas!

  • How To Make Money¬†

This is a great niche for those that have experience with side hustles or making extra income. After the holidays, this becomes very popular niche for those that are trying to make up for all their holiday spending!

Suppose you work from home or you have knowledge about working from home? Share your tips and suggestions via a blog!

  • Health & Fitness

Personal trainers or maybe even those in the medical field with knowledge of health remedies could share their tips in keeping you in tip top shape! I did a lot of research on natural fertility boosters when I was trying to conceive our second child (whom was conceived after we stopped trying!).

This is a great niche for those with an extended knowledge of home remedies or other homeopathic remedies!

  • Beauty Tips & Fashion

I am no where close to being a beauty expert. I spent two hours one day looking up you tube videos so I could try and learn how to draw the winged eyeliner look. I still can’t do it, haha. I feel those in this field are truly artists!

If you are have beauty tips or tricks that can help others, write it in a blog! Maybe you are great with costume makeup or seasonal fashions, share your tips!

  • Food/Recipes

I look at food recipes everyday! Sometimes I need a crockpot recipe, sometimes I need ideas on freezer meals or dinner ideas. It varies, but I am always searching! Maybe you’ve mastered the “20 minute dinner ideas,” that’s something a lot of busy moms would be interested in! You can get pretty creative in this category too. You can use you artistic skills and create food platters or wild-looking desserts! People will always love food. ūüôā

  • Life Style¬†

This can vary a bit in topic. Some of the popular ones I’ve seen are Travel blogs, Organization Blogs and Homesteading Blogs. When we moved into our RV, I was looking for organization ideas for small spaces and travel destination ideas. It boggles my mind how creative people are with their organization. It almost has me like, ” How did I not think of that?!” For travel destinations, I wanted to know if it was family friendly and maybe if there were fun things to do in the area.

We plan on having a homestead once we find a place to settle, so I’ve been collecting ideas on that topic to get us going.

  • Personal Blog¬†

This niche usually contains personal development tips. Some that you may see in this niche are “How to live with anxiety,” or ” How to quit smoking in 2 weeks.” You can literally write about anything that people struggle with on a daily basis. I have a friend that write about managing Type I Diabetes.

My husband is a U.S Marine combat veteran. I’ve done a lot of searching for military transitioning tips for Marines coming home from deployments. This is a great niche for those that have struggled, succeeded and know how to get others to succeed too.

  • Mommy Blogs¬†

Since Pinterest consists mostly of moms, mostly not entirely, these are popular. Lots of moms share their tips on managing toddlers or sleep schedules. Maybe they even talking about fun snacks or activities for their kids to do.

Some ideas in this niche are ” How to get your kids on the same sleep schedule,” or “10 Easy & Fun snacks for Toddlers”

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You can absolutely blog about anything that your heart desires. With quality content, you can build traffic and monetize your blog. These are just suggestions for blogs that are very popular for those that are unsure where to start.

Blog about your passion but turn it into a way of helping others with something. I’ve personally found that the blogs that help others solve a problem are definitely the most popular!

I hope this has helped you get an idea of where you can go with your blog!

What will you blog about?

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