December 2017 Income Report (2nd Month Blogging)

December 2017 Income Report (2nd Month Blogging)

December 2017 was a productive month for me. I was busy preparing for the arrival of our 2nd baby and trying to make sure that I didn’t get behind on my blogging.

I scheduled pins two weeks ahead (Thanks to Tailwind App! ) to maintain Pinterest pinning. I also completed 5 blog posts. My 2nd baby was born January 2, 2018 and I have spent that whole week resting following a C-section. This is my second month of blogging for this website and I am seeing progress for sure, definitely not at the pace I’d like, but I am still testing and trying things.


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December 2017 Income Report (2nd Month Blogging)


Income: $8.27 (earned not deposited)


Google Adsense- $0.05

Amazon Affiliate- $0


CJ Affiliate- $0

Shopstyle Collections- $3.10

Checkout 51- $2.20

I didn’t have any expenses because the tools that I currently use are paid annually. I do plan on adding a few new tools but not sure that it will happen in the month of January.

Expenses: $0

Tailwind App– Paid annually

Pic Monkey – Paid Annually

I am seeing the most success with my Pinterest account. It continues to grow daily thanks to Tailwind App and I am loving it! Pinterest is my number 1 traffic driver to my website right now. Even though traffic is still fairly low, I know it will increase once my blog posts circulate.

If you are not with any Pinterest group boards, you are truly missing out! Apply to as many Pinterest group boards as possible. This has made a huge difference in my blog posts being pinned and saved.

Pinterest Stats

Pinterest Followers: +52 = 1963

Pinterest Monthly Views: +83k = 188k

Pinterest Daily Views: +1987 = 7137

Pinterest Daily Impressions: +3500 = 7795

Read my review about Tailwind App here:

My 1 Month Review of Tailwind App!

Google Analytics

Monthly Views: 229

I am trying to stay pretty positive about my blogging journey right now. I am only in the second month and I know this will take time to grow, just like any other serious business would.

My pinterest account is growing due to consistency and I did have more views this month on my website than I did last month. I also published a blog post each week. I’m just going to keep on trucking along!


1. Accepted to more Pinterest Group Boards (+17)

2. Increased Pinterest Followers

3. Increased Pinterest Monthly Views & Sessions

4. Maintained Consistent Pinning Schedule

5. Published 5 Blog Posts:

5 Shitty Things About RV Living

How Much Time is Spent On A Blog?

How To Start Your Debt-Free Journey New Year’s

My 1 Month Review of Tailwind App

November 2017 Blogging Income Report


6. Added another Affiliate


1. Website traffic is still very low

2. Income is still non-existent

Blogging Reports:

November 2017




1. Increase Traffic to Website via marketing

2. Increase Pinterest Followers

3. Increase Pinterest Monthly Views & Sessions

4. Make an Affiliate sale

5. Maintain consistent pinning

6. Continue Publishing one blog post a week

7. Invest in educational ECourses on Blogging & marketing

8. Join 10 more Pinterest Group Boards

Hope everyone’s New Year’s is off to a great start! Continue to make goals and strive towards them.

Any blogging successes or failures for you last month?

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    1. I’ve read other income reports from successful bloggers and decided to use the ones I repeatedly saw. Mine isn’t very impressive right now but I hope to change that 🙂
      Thank you!

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