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A friend of mine and I were talking about how our lifestyles keep us on the go. Her husband is active duty military (we used to be too!) and we are full-time RVers. With family history, it is important for us to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Many people ask us how if we are always on the go. I’ll tell you how we do it as full-time RVers.

Preparation & Planning

This is probably the most important part of eating healthy while RVing. I plan our route, our stops and our meals for the trip. While traveling, it is important to increase your vitamin C and fiber. The Vitamin C helps to ward off sickness and the fiber helps to keep you pooping! Yes, I said poop. It’s important y’all. A lot of travelers will get constipation because of the way they are eating and if you know that you will be traveling ahead of time, you can avoid this.

It’s also important to increase you water intake. I don’t need my family or my dogs becoming dehydrated so this is part of my plan too.

Meal planning is done a couple days before the trip.

Grocery shopping is done the day before we will be traveling.

We travel for about 6-7 hours a day. Any longer than that and everyone starts getting too fussy from sitting down too long, despite our breaks. I always pick a RV friendly (usually a travel center like Love’s or Pilot) gas station to stop at midway in our trip. This will be our longest stop. During this time, we are watering our dogs (they usually aren’t interested in eating until we reach or destination-they do have breakfast though) eating and stretching our legs.

Our refrigerator in our RV will stay cool throughout whole trip because it’s hooked up to our vehicle. I will step into the RV to put together our lunches while my husband is walking our dogs. I let my 4 year old run around in the RV while I prepare lunch.

We also take the time to fuel our vehicle and inspect our RV.

So.. What do we eat ?



We always eat breakfast before we depart! For breakfast we will have protein and fruit. A favorite is eggs with a side of strawberries. We each have water bottles that I fill up for the trip. These water bottles will go in the vehicle with us.


We pack a small cooler for the vehicle and the rest of our snacks are in the RV. We can gain access to those during quick stops for fuel if necessary. I’ll pack some fruit ( my son loves blueberries!) and some different nuts. It’s easy to pack and not messy.


Lunch is always on the go for us. We stop during our travels and take a nice long break. During this break, we walk and feed our dogs, get fuel and make our lunches in the RV.  I’ll make wraps or we will eat fruit and salads. Since we still have traveling to do, I try to keep it light. Anything too heavy will just make us super drowsy the rest of the trip. This stop is usually for about an hour.

Our dogs are really good about sleeping the whole time we are traveling, but we still wake them up to drink, potty and play for a few.

We will also fuel up our vehicle. Then we will inspect our RV (checking tires and making sure nothing is hanging or broken).

I’ll let our son run around the RV while I prepare lunch. We take potty breaks and then we all load back up to finish the rest of the trip.


This meal is at our destination. Depending on what we are having, sometimes our food is marinating or cooking in the crockpot while we are traveling! When our RV is hooked up to our vehicle, we can run small appliances. This allows us to be able to use the crockpot while we are on the road!

Some people will place their crockpot in the sink of the RV while traveling to keep it from sliding or moving. Our crockpot is too big for that, we make sure that it is secured safely on our counter. Before we depart, I’ll put our crockpot meal in the crockpot and make sure the crockpot is safely secured for traveling.

By the time we get to our destination, our crockpot dinner is ready!

If we don’t use our crockpot, then I’ll marinate our meats in the fridge and then throw them on the grill once we get to our campground.

Simple right?

This does take some planning, but its nothing that you wouldn’t do any other week in your own home when you plan your meals. You plan around your schedule. We do the same thing!

It’s absolutely possible for you to eat healthy while you are RVing.

How do y’all eat healthy while you are traveling?

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  1. This makes me think of my in-laws as they frequently drive their RV when they come to visit and she always complains abkut finding ways to eat healthier without so much processed food. These are great tips!!

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