How A Family Of Six Lives Off Of Less Than $30k A Year!


How A Family Of Six Lives Off Of Less Than $30k a Year!

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Let me just say that sometimes you are dealt certain cards and you just have to work through them.

No matter your circumstances, there is a way to adapt and overcome!

My husband, myself, our 4 year old son, our newborn daughter, my mother and my teenage brother- all of us under one roof.

Through a series of events on both sides (starting with the passing of my father), we found it easier to help each other if we combined our household.

It is a temporary solution to help everyone get on their own feet again and it wouldn’t work if everyone didn’t play their part.

So how do we do it ?

My husband works full-time. My mother has a small limited monthly income in which she uses to chip in to the household groceries. I am the stay at home mother and I run the household when my husband is away. I am also the aspiring entrepreneur blogger trying to make an income of my own to help my family. 🙂

My teenage brother handles all the “man” stuff while my husband is at work. Stuff like repairs and maintenance. My mother and I clean, prep meals and do all the baking plus keep an eye on my little ones.

We stick to a pretty strict budget.

1. We go out to eat once a month. The rest of our meals are prepared at home, every single day!

2. We go out and do things as a family once a month- like the movies or bowling. Every Friday is family game night in which we play board games or cards at home.

3. Every night at 10pm we shut off all devices and lights to keep our monthly electric down. It may seem like overdoing it but it does make a difference. My mother doesn’t sleep well at night, so she will charge her tablet during the day and watch movies or read on it after 10pm.

4. I am a big fan of coupons and cash back apps such as Ebates! If you are not using Ebates– please, please jump on the wagon! Checkout51 is another good one to add to your phone! These apps give you cash back for the shopping you will already be doing anyways- might as well get money back for it!

Another amazing cash back app is DOSH. You will earn cash back on purchases made with the debit/credit cards you list.

We went out to eat one night and after we paid for our dinner, my phone dinged. It was a notification from the DOSH app saying we got cash back from the restaurant we just ate at! I didn’t even know it was one of the many places that gave cash back. Pretty neat surprise!

With Ebates and DOSH, you can make double cash back for purchases you make-totally worth it!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Not everything has to be a permanent solution, but when things are tight financially- it’s important not to live above your means!

My goal is to build a savings, pay down some medical bills and move us into a home- oh wait! Did I mention we all are in an RV?!

We are!

Believe it or not, that was a move that helped out tremendously too. We aren’t paying high utility costs, high rent or mortgage!

It’s really not that bad y’all! Everyone has their own bed and their own space- even if the space is small, it is their own!

Let’s Count The Blessings!

1. We have a roof over our head.

2. We have plenty of food in our bellies!

3. We all have clothes to wear!

4. We all are healthy!

5. There is an income that provides all our necessities and pays our bills every month.

6. We are moving forward better and better everyday.

7. We have adapted, overcame and conquered our hurdles!

Would you live in an RV to pay down debt and get back on your feet?

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