How to get internet in an RV


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How to get internet while RVing? Well I’m going to keep this as simple as possible. We bought a Verizon Jet Pack and we go through Verizon Wireless for our data plan.

The Jet Pack we use allows 5 devices to connect to it at one time. Our data plan with Verizon Wireless is unlimited data for all of our devices. For the Jet Pack, it allows us 4G speeds up to 15GB per month and then after that it drops down to 3G and is unlimited for the rest of the month. The 3G really hasn’t been slow enough to be an inconvenience though. We still can get all of our work done on our computers, college assignments and watch our shows with no problem.


Verizon gets service all over and we have yet to need an antenna to boost our signal. In the event that you end up somewhere with very limited cell service, then getting an antenna to boost your signal would be appropriate.

This is the option that works best for us. Other RVers have paid for satellite dishes so they can have satellite internet. I’ve heard some mixed feelings about that. Just like with your home satellite dish, you need a clear view of the sky. Many campgrounds are covered with trees and even boondocking locations can be under cover.

The complaints I’ve seen about satellite internet is:

  1. The cost to get everything set up
  2. Constant adjusting of the dish for a signal
  3. No internet when the signal is obstructed

Now, I have no personal experience with this route. I looked in to it when we were going to be RVing full-time and decided I wanted to go the cheaper route.

I suggest having your own source of internet in the RV for a couple reasons.

Most campgrounds have wifi and I have yet to find one that can either reach my camp site or that isn’t completely bogged down with other RVers. My husband is a full-time college student and I run a business from our RV.

We definitely need something reliable.

The great thing about having the Verizon Jet Pack is that wherever we have cell service, we will have internet for our devices. We’ve been very happy with it so far!

What are you planning to do for internet for your RV trip? If you have done anything different as far as internet goes in your RV,  please share!


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