How to cook Thanksgiving Turkey in an RV!



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How can you cook a Thanksgiving Turkey in an RV? This question has been asked to me so many times. RV Living isn’t primitive y’all, come on now lol!

There is no way a Thanksgiving Turkey is fitting in an RV oven, that is a given. That isn’t the only way to cook a turkey though! This idea make work for those that have a lot of things needing to go into the oven but not enough space or time to cook it!

We use am electric roaster for our Turkey- exactly like the one I’ve listed below. It holds our usual 20-22 lb turkey with no problems!

This roaster can hold a turkey a bit bigger, up to 26 lbs. That’s really not bad! If you don’t live in an RV, you can still use an electric roaster for your turkey. This frees up the oven for pies and other turkey day yummies! As a child, we traveled everywhere and my mother always used an electric roaster for our Thanksgiving turkeys. It brings about a nice comfort!

Some people use electric fryers, but that wasn’t for me. That’s another option if you are in an RV though! Follow all the guidelines for them and take safety precautions. They’ve been known to cause fires-yikes!

Turkey Tips:

Don’t forget to baste your turkey every hour!

Let your turkey “rest” (after you pull it out of the roaster or oven, set it on the counter) for as long as your cooked it!

Most importantly, enjoy the time you get to spend with family over a wonderful meal!


How do y’all cook your Thanksgiving Turkey ?



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