My Big OOPSIE With Blogging

My Big OOPSIE With Blogging!

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My Big OOPSIE With Blogging!


I started officially blogging and taking it seriously September 2017. My first blog’s name was Love Laugh & Wing it. I bought my domain and my hosting.

I was ready!

I started adding content like crazy! I had 2-3 posts a week and was really building my traffic to my website.

I started monetizing my blog October 2017. I didn’t make much but it was still neat to see that I was making something! Our lease was up in our apartment at the end of October, so we decided to live in our RV full-time to save money and pay off bills.

What I forgot at the time was that I only bought a few months of hosting. We were on a strict budget! For a couple weeks at the end of October we were moving things into storage and selling stuff. I took a break from blogging to help get us a moved.

My renewal came up during this time. We had already changed our billing info for our banks and everything. My blog hosting lapsed. When I realized that my website wasn’t working, I contacted customer service. They advised me that in order for me to restore my website that I’d have to pay almost $200!!

We just moved! We didn’t have that kind of money! I seriously lost everything. I lost all my content and I had to change everything that had my old website on it.

This was my fault. I should’ve remembered or made notes to remind me. Just like the phoenix, I feel reborn. I’ve decided to do it bigger and better this time!

Here is how you can avoid my mistake:

  1. Write down important dates & make reminders on your calendar/phone or both.
  2.  Backup or save all your blog posts. You can write all your posts on your computer first to save a copy.
  3. Research or contact your customer service to become educated in the rules and regulations with your hosting and domain.


It could’ve been a “newbie” mistake, but it was enough of a mistake that I never want to go through that again!

I’ve had to start over, but luckily I have some knowledge and ideas of where to began.

Have you ever made a crucial blogging mistake? How did you recover from it?


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