October 2017 Income Report


October 2017 Income Report

My October 2017 Blogging Income Report – here we go!

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Let me start by saying that October was a great month-until I lost everything on my website. I lost some great blog posts and I’ve had to start over but I’m trying to look at this positively- I can do it better this go around.

Read about my mishap here My Big OOPSIE with Blogging

I started blogging in July and I began by really doing my research on other bloggers plus building content on my blog. In September I decided that I would start monetizing in the month of October. I applied to affiliate programs and was accepted.

At the end of October our lease was up on our apartment and we decided to to stay, so we moved elsewhere. I scheduled posts to publish and scheduled my Tailwind. What I didn’t realize, was that my hosting was up for renewal sometimes during the two weeks I was busy moving. They shut my website down and wanted me to pay $150 just to restore it!! I didn’t have that, I just moved! So, I’m starting all over. Maybe I could’ve went about it a different way, but I’m 8 months pregnant and at the time I couldn’t think of anything that would work. When we got settled. I had just enough to buy a new domain and a few months of hosting to get me going again.

So here we are…

This income report is going to be for my previous website and November 2017 Income Report will be for this website.

Why share your income reports?

Blogging Income Reports are what inspired me to start monetizing my blog. Not everyone is comfortable sharing their income reports, but I am so glad that many bloggers have. It is reassuring to think that everyone started out at $0 ! I’ll be starting off at $0 TWICE because I lost my website- Lesson Learned!

I also want to share my income reports to follow my progress and track my results. I want to see what worked for me this month and what didn’t work. Blogging has been trial and error for me. I’ve read many other income reports from other bloggers to see what made their success and what caused them some failures.

Income reports are shared freely through the blogging world and it’s quite the norm. I feel that I’ll stop sharing my income reports when I get to a certain point, but right now I feel like it will help myself and others.

Success for October 2017

-Mid October I signed up for Tailwind Free Trial ( AND LOVED IT!)  It increased my traffic and my Pinterest followers. It has proved to be such a great tool and I signed up for the premium plan at the beginning of November.

-I got approved for Rich Pins for Pinterest! If you aren’t sure what Rich Pins are then I’ll tell you that they make your pins more noticeable on Pinterest.

Failures for October 2017

-I lost everything I created- that made me feel defeated but I’m moving on.

-I didn’t create as many blog posts as I had intended. I was still able to post once a week.


Goals for November 2017

-Increase traffic to website

-Create 2-3 blog posts a week to catch back up to where I was

-Increase Pinterest Followers

-Utilize Tailwind Tribes

Affiliates Income in October 2017 (earned not deposited)

ShareASale -$0

Amazon Affilates – $1.74

Google Adsense- $.60

ShopStyle Collections- $1.50

Income Total: $3.84

Expenses For October 2017

Tailwind $119.88 ( Start your Free Trial by clicking the link!)

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite
Not that this website will be easier to build up to the my previous one, but at least I have all of the knowledge to get it going again.

Have any of y’all made any “oopsies” that set you WAY back?

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