Proven Money-Making Method To Start Today!

Proven Money-Making Method To Start Today!

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Everyone can use a little more cash in their pocket, I know I can! I just had my second baby January 2, 2018 and so we are always looking for money-saving or money-making opportunities.

I fell across this one by accident. I saw on Facebook where on of my friends from high school made $400 in 3 weeks. HOW IN THE WORLD DID SHE DO THAT?!


That is a pretty big chunk of money. I asked her what she did and she shared her referral link for this cash-back app named DOSH.  I have only known about this app for a few weeks and I LOVE IT! If you are familiar with Ebates, then you will definitely love this one.

With Ebates, you have to go through the Ebates App to make purchases for cash back, or activate the in-store option, or use their Ebates Toolbar.

Not with DOSH. With DOSH, you simply register the debit/credit cards you use on a regular basis for normal purchases you make and you will get cash back. There is literally no effort involved here. You also get cash back for referring your friends or other people to DOSH.

Of course I had to try this out.

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I downloaded the DOSH app on my phone and connected my debit card. I also sent a referral link to my cousin to see how this works. My cousin signed up and then I got this email! It literally was within just a few minutes that I received the email and had the money.

Can you imagine how much you could make by sharing your own referral link with your friends and family?

$5 per person who signs up under you and sometimes they run a special where you can get $15 per person that signs up under your referral link. Your friends and family will love it because it is super easy money in their pocket. My cousin has made a couple hundred in just a couple days from shopping and referring.

Pretty wild right?

We also went out to eat. I honestly forgot about the app until I received the following email.  I didn’t even have my card put back into my wallet yet from paying the bill and my phone dinged. My husband made a comment about the look on my face- it was like winning the lottery! Ha ha!

Seriously. I only spent a few mins downloading the app and then connecting my debit card. THAT IS IT! It is a “Set it and Forget it” type of app.

It really is an “auto-magical” app. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and I’ve even had money put into my bank account already.

Proven, money-making method that is super simple to use! Download the app y’all, set it and forget it, have others set it and forget it and do your normal shopping- then watch the cash build up! There really isn’t a worse case scenario with this app.

I was going to say if you don’t like it then it is probably because you didn’t connect your cards or refer anyone so therefore you didn’t use it. I haven’t heard any complaints from any family or friends!

Give it a go! Click on the link below!


Hey once you have tried it, comment and let me know how you like it and how much you’ve made!! I love hearing success stories!


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